Change of Power

“What the hell. Now what?”
First his girlfriend hadn´t come home the usual time, hours delayed. Secondly she didn´t answer her phone when he called her. None of her friends knew where she was. And now somebody was banging on the door like they wanted to knock it down.
Sigh. Better open the door. If anything they could have news about the whereabouts of his girlfriend.

“Hold on damnit! I`m coming!” Henry was frustrated and annoyed. He felt like he would blow off his some steam on the other person the door if it wasn´t important enough.
He opened the door and asked with a loud voice: “What?!”
The person that stood opposite of Henry was a big brute of a man. Easily fifty pounds of muscle more and five inches taller. Henry had to tilt his head slightly upwards to get eye contact. He felt slightly diminutive.
The brutes gaze made Henry worried, something was up. The brute grunted.
Henry was too slow to react when the man forced himself into the hallway, pushing Henry in front of him and closed the door.
With a couple of fast strides the big man was up close to Henry and caught him in an iron grip. The brute fished up something from his pockets, Henry noticed that it looked like a glowing ice crystal, formed like a small egg.
Without much effort the brute pushed it inside Henry´s mouth. The brute changed his grip and managed to cup Henry´s mouth and holding his nose. The brute growled: “Swallow it, bitch!”.
Henry tried to resist swallowing but the lack of oxygen made him panic. He felt how the coolness of the ice crystal travelled down inside of him until it laid to rest in his gut area after he had swallowed it.
“Good boy”, the brute commended with a big grin. “Won´t take long until you are transformed too”.
Even though Henry was under severe distress he managed to pick up the part “too”. Fearing the worst he asked his assailant: “Who are you?”
The man flashed a big menacing grin. “Don´t you recognize me honey? It´s me, Karen”.
Karen? His girlfriend? He got a cold sinking feeling in his stomach, not only because of the crystal. That couldn´t be true. It just couldn´t. “How. What?”, he meekly managed to utter.
“You see, I found this chinese store in one of the alleys. Never seen it before. The lady inside wanted to sell me stones that increased the sex life and I thought it would be a good idea, it had been kinda stale as of lately. Two crystals, one pink and one blue. One for the man and one for the girl. She said it would transform us into our deepest fantasy. I wanted to suprise you by turning into your fantasy woman so I swallowed the pink crystal. Well Henry my boy, it turned me into my very own version of a fantasy lover. A really big guy with a big dick, lots of muscles and a really dominant personality”.
The brute-Karen leaned forward and whispered in Henry´s ear: “And tell you what. I liked it”.
“I also felt the need to have someone to dominate, to make utterly mine….well, look at that. It´s starting already”.
Henry felt tendrils of ice spreading through his body. They were chilly but not freezing.
His body began to shrink and become smaller until he reached the height of 5’3″.
“Don´t worry, you will like it”. Karen said in his deep voice.
The changes gained momentum and happened faster and faster. The muscles was transformed into fat. And the fat redistributed itself to his ass and hips, plumping it up. His thighs got thicker and his feet became smaller. As an added touch the magic painted them red too.
His sides caved in which exagerrated his hourglass figure even more.
“Coming along nicely, “honey””, Karen leered. “I must say you have fine taste in women. I wonder how your breasts will turn out”.
As on a signal his boobs began to inflate and didn´t stop until they were a 34E.
Karen let out a whistle.
Henry´s shoulders became narrower and his arms thinned out.
The face was next in line. His eyes went from hazel to blue, eyebrows arced. Lip puffed up and teeth two perfect white rows. His chinbone became more prominent and his nose smaller.
His dick that had been with him all the transformation shriveled up and crept up inside of him. A labia was formed swallowed the ballsack which in turn would transform into female reproductive organs.
Henry began to moan.
As a finishing touch a set of tattoos formed on her back and arms
A cold shiver ran through her body and the changes was done.

Henry laid still and panted on the floor, trying to take in what just had happened. She didn´t get much of a respite until Karen began to fondle her breasts. “Nice tits”.
Henry felt uncomfortable having Karen touching her breasts like that, and yet she yearned for more. These conflicting feelings came to an abrupt halt when Karen started to suck her nipple and groped her ass. She let out a slight whimper.
“You like that, bitch? You like when a man like me jus takes what he wants?”, his deep bass voice reverberating inside her head.
“y-yes”, she said in a low docile voice.
“On your knee´s, slut”. Henry did and Karen pulled down her pants and guided Henry´s full lips towards his erect cock. Her lips parted and formed a big O. Karen just continued to push her head further down until the lips kissed the hilt.
“You know, we can´t have a female name for a man like me. You will adress me as Kane in the future. And Henry isn´t a name that fits a slut like you. I will call you…..Amber.
With a mouth full of cock Amber could only make muffled sounds in return.
“Then we are in agreement” Kane-former Karen said and began to face fuck Amber.

“Roll over!” Kane commanded. Amber felt the need to obey. It felt good obeying.
“Ass in the air”, he said in a voice full of carnal desire. Amber obeyed and made herself more accessible to her man.
Kane´s thick penis began to ram her pussy over and over. He felt powerful and in control. The female beneath in front of him was his and his alone. He just needed to drive home that point from time to time so she understood who was the boss. Much better than being a weak woman.
He placed his hands on her back and neck and pushed her down and increased the power of his thrusts.
Amber laid on the table and took it all up inside of her. When she was filled up she felt complete. She had already had two orgasms and with Kane´s stamina she knew she would get at least two more.

When the day is over Amber would have slipped into the role of the sexy and utterly submissive girlfriend, because that was the fantasy Henry had when he swallowed his magical crystal.


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