Fingers crossed

At the science exhibit the crowd gathered around the next invention, made by Dr. John Harris. It was suposed to be a body swap machine and John was certain it will work. Soon he will demonstrate his work which will make him famous as the greatest inventor. Among the gathered people was John’s wife, Janet. Or at least he thought it was his wife. In reality it was his teenage son, Damian.

Few day’s ago Damian found the machine in their basement. Not knowing what it is he called his mom. Both looked at the machine curious what it could do. They decided to try it and got into the pods. Soon there was some buzzing noise, the lights started to flicker and in a moment they found themselves in each others body. Scared of the sudden swap they decided to quickly change back. Unfortunately the machine stopped working. They tried desperately to get back to their bodies but no matter what they couldnt. Without any better plan they decided to keep it a secret from John and hope he will notice that something is not working with the machine. After all he will try to make sure it’s working before the presentation.

And so Damian had spend a week pretending to be his own mother. It was hard, especially playing the role of a wife but soon all will be over when the machine starts to work. Damian waited nervously as his dad prepared to demonstrate his invention. He took two volunteers from the crowd and started to type something on the console. He hit the button and Damian heard the same buzzing noise. His heart started to pound faster “Come on, work” Damian was keeping his fingers crossed. Then the machine lost it’s power, just like when they tried to swap back. The crowd looked puzzeled, asking if it work. John shook his head. “I don’t know how it’s possible. I was sure…” He said but the crowd started to scatter. John was dissapointed but mostly dissapointed was Damian, especially when his father dropped the project after this failure, unaware that his son is now trapped in his wife’s body.


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