Country girls

Her lips were delicious, with just a hint of strawberry. Bruce kissed his wife passionately before pulling away and fanning his hands over his new breasts and adjusting his boots. His calves and feet were sweating inside all that leather.

“I must admit that I’m surprised, Tina,” Bruce remarked in his new soft Southern accent. Tina just smiled at him and playfully fingered his loose plaid shirt as he continued: “How long have you been into girls? I was afraid that you’d dump me after that Role Exchanger sphere changed me into this…this—”

“—this beautiful woman?” Tina finished for him. “I’ve always been into girls, sweetie. You just never knew about my secret fantasy to wake up in bed next to a country girl like myself. To finger and to lick and to pleasure a woman just like myself. I don’t regret that the RE took away your penis, honey; it gave you everything I’ve desired for years. Even a Southern drawl, which I love,” said Tina, grabbing his hand and raising him to his feet.

“Where are ya takin’ me, hun?” Bruce asked as Tina led him inside the house.

“Shush, my little country gal. You’re mine and always will be,” Tina said, pushing him onto the bed and producing a big back strap-on cock. Bruce’s eyes went wide.


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