Bimbo spell backfire

“What did you expect?” I replied to my wife, who was furious. “You put me into the body of a horny blonde bombshell, of course I’m going to go end up fucking a guy.” She had done this to teach me a lesson after she had caught me checking out our very busty waitress while we were having dinner.

“Fine, you like her tits so much, how about you get a pair just like them and be a bimbo just like her!” Before I could protest I found myself with long blonde hair cascading down my back, and my now tight, fit, and busty body encased in a black dress. “Here, you take the car keys, good luck navigating things tonight, hopefully this gives you some perspective Tyler.”

No one else in the restaurant seemed to be aware of what had just happened, and despite the shock of suddenly inhabiting this body, everything felt natural and wonderful, including the gaze of the guy sitting across from me. One thing led to another, and I ended up taking him home and fucking him on the couch, in the kitchen, and in mine and my wife’s bed.

When she came home and found us sleeping, my tits spilling out of my now ripped dress, she went through the roof when she walked in. She had intended this as punishment and to give me a new perspective on things. Well my new perspective was on my back, knees, or stomach, whatever it will take to get a dick in me. This is my new body, and I don’t intend to let her change me back. I wonder how she’ll take it when I tell her I’m leaving her.


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