The day me and my girlfriend, Natalie had to confess to her parents that i got her pregnant was probably the hardest day of my life. We often thought how to start the conversation so they won’t freak out, after all we were only 16 years old. The night before we told them i couldn’t sleep.
As i expected no matter what they will get pissed off, especially her dad. Natalie had to interrupt so he won’t beat the shit out of me. The situation calmed a bit but nothing could prepare me for what was going to happen next. Natalie’s parents decided to punish me. It turned out they both know magic and i was about to feel the consequences of getting their daughter pregnant. They casted a spell and my body started to change. I was soon looking like an exact copy of my girlfriend. That wasn’t all. They casted another spell. This time nothing happened expect of my new breasts feeling a little bit sore. It was later they told me that i was now pregnant instead of Natalie.

That was 9 months ago. Along with my body the reality around me had also changed. My old self never existed. I was born as Bethany, Natalie’s twin sister. I got pregnant with my boyfriend, Tom and now i had to deal with the consequences of my actions and prepare for motherhood at the age of sixteen. Although i had a hard time dealing with all the crap that comes with being pregnant i really started to like the idea of having a baby. Being a girl also wasn’t so bad and i adjusted to my new body pretty quickly. It’s good my sister is supporting me and my new parents, after they came to terms with the fact they are going to be grandparents also very helpfull. After our baby is born i will get marry to Tom. My parents insited to do it earlier but i don’t want to carry this giant belly at my wedding, besides i can go into labor any day now.


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