Confidential Magic

Carlson P.I. wasn’t the most well known P.I. firm in the business, but they were one of the most effective ones. They purposefully kept a very low profile—because of their methodology. Carlson was willing to spend months, even years on a major case and specialized in inserting undercover operatives. Carlson had a perfect record—none of their undercover agents had ever been busted. The trick was magic.

Using a spell, the agents were mentally altered into thinking they actually were who they said they were on their cover story— but their subconscious was left unaltered so they could still complete their mission. This allowed them to be transformed into any number of roles without a shred of awkwardness. This was evidenced by agent Evan Perales, now transformed into Emilia Perales, destined for a brothel frequented by members of the Ananhera Cartel where intel could be acquired.


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