Biology Teacher

The stunned look on Brent’s new face said it all. He had wished he knew what his biology teacher was up to each day after school, locking her door after 3pm and not coming out until 4! When a fairy granted his wish, he thought he would just see what she was up to. Not so, instead the fairy was mischievous and put him in her body after her last class!

Not only was he shocked to suddenly be a curvy woman with a pussy, boobs, and long hair wearing a dress and heels, but he was also shocked to see four members of the football team naked in the room telling her she was great for having group sex with them! To make matters worse, these footballers were turning him on inside his teacher’s sexy body! Now he knew his teacher was a big time slut, and now as her he had her same slutty desires! He wouldn’t be able to resist very long before he was on his smooth sexy knees sucking the quarterback’s cock while the others awaited their turns.


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