Condemned His Teacher

Harold condemned his teacher after finding out she was sleeping with the football team! He threatened to tell on her if she didn’t give him A’s in her class! She told him he was no better than her, doing dirty deeds by bribery! He also asked her why she would do the football players, they were a bunch of dumb oxen!

Then the Great Shift hit one late afternoon, and Harold found himself tasting the load of and grasping the cock of the quarterback Jed Jenson. As he looked to his left, already in shock, he seen the cock of the linebacker Ted Trenton. Looking down, feeling the immense new weights on his chest, he seen he had his teacher, Carla Cunningham’s plaid dress on, complete with shiny nude hose, and black shiny heels! At that moment he, no SHE realized she was the teacher Carla, with the football players after class!

At first she was in shock and horror, then she would understand her teacher’s actions as she looked up at the football players feeling lust and desire! She was overwhelmed with female sex drive, that of a straight female, craving hot young hunks! Just feeling the cocks in his dainty manicured hands, long, hard, and warm; along with the taste, smell, and feel of the hot cum from Jed, she exploded in female orgasm, experiencing the female orgasm for the first time. The cotton crotch of her pantyhose were soaked in pussy juices, as she ripped through them to touch her new sex, verifying she in fact was a woman!

There was no place for Harold to condemn Carla Cunningham now, he was giving in to the same desires she was, and was starting to enjoy it! Meanwhile, Carla, now in Harold’s body was ready to experience sex as a man on the giving, instead of receiving end. They both would have to get used to their new statuses, the Great Shift was a permanent swapping phenomenon!


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