Who knew Emma was a witch?

Thomas did not know what to do when he suddenly found himself bent over a desk in a female body being pounded from behind.

He could not believe how good it felt.

He could not stop himself from moaning and squealing with pleasure.

He could not stop himself from enjoying it as he turned his head to see what the man who was screwing him look like and was surprised to see his best friend and work colleague Andy behind him with a look of concentration on his face.

He let Andy finish what he was doing as he saw no point in stopping half way through it and waited until he felt Andy shoot his load before telling him who he was.

Thomas still feeling weak at the knees and very sticky between his new legs as he listened to Thomas explaining what had happened which surprised Andy as when he started he was screwing his secretary.

Thomas did his best to get himself dressed in the female clothes that was scattered across the office as they both freaked out as they had no idea what had happened until Thomas’s body entered the office followed by Andy’s wife Emma.

Who apologized to Thomas for what had just happened to him.

As it was meant to swap Andy and Rachel his secretary into each other’s bodies as punishment for cheating on her but the spell must have gone astray which cause the situation they found themselves in.

But the biggest problem was that it was a one-way spell and once a person is swapped they are swapped forever which left Thomas speechless and wondering what he was going to do next he did not want to spend the rest of his life in a woman’s body and he especially did not want to be Andys secretary.

But was anybody going to believe their story or think they were mad so for the time being he had to play the part he found himself in until Andy’s jealous wife who caused this to happen could come up with some sort of solution.


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