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Fine Print

“You’ll do anything?” John asked me with a knowing smirk that urged me to say no, but I was really short on cash after being unemployed for a month.
“Yes I will do whatever you ask no questions asked for the $500.” 500 seemed like a steal for only four hours. With little money I had quite a skinny body. Dispite doing pushups and squats everyday I was never able to put on the muscles I wanted.
“I’ll start right away what do you have planned?” I was eager to earn some quick and easy cash.
“As you know I run a modeling company and one of my models canceled on short notice, which is why I am offering you the $500. The first two hours will simply be a makeover but it is a long and boring process as I’ve been told so I can give you a tablet to let you sleep during that time and you’ll only have to work the other three. I will need your full consent to continue with the process and your signature on this paper that all my models sign and it also ensures you the $500.”
A contract only made sense as I’m sure it is standard in the modeling business so I quickly signed sat on the chair and swallowed the pill. Soon after I quickly dosed off.
As I awake I see a pretty girl in the mirror in front of me. I guess the model must have come in while I was sleeping, good thing I signed the contract so I’ll still get my money. I get up to find john and realize that I am the girl in the mirror.
John walks up behind me, ” We are short on time Jack so you need to do exactly as I say in order to earn the money so no talking and go stand over by that red wall and start posing.”
I was really desperate so hurried on over and striked poses for two whole hours. I was nervous at first but slowly got into it as nobody would possibly revognize me.
“Alright we are done with the shoot.”
“Finally now …”
“Hold on you still have one more hour. I’m gonna need you to come in my office for a moment Jackie.”

Concealed Weapon

As a private spy, I do work for whoever pays the most and I am the best at what I do. On one previous mission I recovered special nanites that allows me to control my entire physical nature through a computer. For my next mission, commissioned by a wealthy gang leader, I am to go undercover at a restraunt that is used as a front for a rival gangs drug trade in order to gain any information that can be used as leverage. The thing is they only hire women.
Once at my home base I configure and activate the nanites to the desired look. I felt tingling all throughout my body and in five minutes I was transformed into a young sexy brunette that should be able to get hired right away. On the walk to the restraunt I had passed through an alley officially marking the rival gangs territory. I hear footsteps approaching behind me but continue on as my disguise is 100% real. A man grabs me from behind with a gun to my head. In my normal body I easily could have taken him but one downfall of the nanites is that I take on the physical strength of the form I assume. I am helpless in this form and must do exactly as he wants. The man rips off my shirt and pushes me towards a wall. I grab and hang onto some nearby chains to keep from falling. He roughly pulls down my pants and whips out his secondary weapon. I can only hold on tight and wait for him to fire his load and leave me.