Company event

“I’m going out” Mike yelled from his sister’s body. “Are you going to be ok” Megan asked. “Of course i will. It’s not the first time i’m borrowing your body” Mike assured her. “I’m just worried about my little brother, thats all” Megan said. “From my point of view, you’re the little brother” Mike smiled.

It started about two months ago. Megan was working at a big company that often organized parties. As a employee Megan had to be on every one. She got tired of it. She wanted a peacefull life at home, where she can relax and read books, away from noisy people, just like her brother. Mike dreamed to go to a party. He was shy and had only one friend and he was never invited to a party. While all the kids at school were having fun Mike was alone at home. When Megan offered him a body swap so he could go in her place, Mike accepted her offer without hesitation. Mike had a great time as his sister. He enjoyed hanging out with her colleagues, all the drinking and dancing, he even flirted with one of her co-workers.
After that they made a deal. Every time there will be an event at the company, they will swap bodies and Mike will go there in her place. Mike was happy that his sister is lending him her body. She even allowed him to stay as her for the whole week when Mike told her that Greg, the guy he flirted with invited her on a date. Now Mike was getting ready for another party. He was so excited that Greg will be there too “He’s so funny and handsome” Mike tought as he was getting ready to leave. “I can see Megan prefers my lifestyle, so maybe i should ask her to make this permament” Mike hoped that Megan will agree and he could live his dream life and start a serious relationship with Greg.


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