Coming out

Since i could remember i always wanted to be a girl. I never had the courage to tell anybody about it so lived my life trapped in the wrong body, dreaming that some day i will become one. Time was running and my wish didn’t come true. I’ve watched as my female classmates were growing up into pretty young women while i was stuck gaining mass and facial hair. I tried to live normally, sometimes i was even able to but deep inside there was a woman who wanted to come out. Eventually i married a woman and together we have a teenage daughter right now. I love my family but sometimes i wish my life ended up diffirently and today i finally had the chace to fulfill my dream thanks to the magic potion. I know it can hurt my family but i just can’t live like this anymore.

I’ve locked myself in my room and drank the potion. I waited nervously until it starts to work and soon the first changes had began as my arms became thin and feminine. I’ve watched curiously as my body continued to change. Soon a pair of breasts began to form in my chest, all the fat melted from my body and making it smooth and delicate. I started to shrink in size, i looked down at my feet, they were so tiny right now. Next my hair grew long and changed colour to blonde. The finall transformation was a little bit painful when my equipment disappeared inside my body creating a vagina, womb and ovaries. The effects exceeded my expectations. Not only i was a girl, i was a teenager again. I could start my life all over again.

I was happy by the changes but now it was the time for the hardest part. I need to confess to my wife. Just as expected she was shocked that her husband decided to start his life as a girl, but i was even more surprised when she told me she’s ok with it and will support me in my new life and accept me as her daughter. I was so overjoyed i hugged her tightly and started to cry. My daughter was also very excited about having a sister her age, she couldn’t wait to introduce me to her friends. I was also looking forward to meet them.

This is me right now. I chosed the name Mila. My mom was able to create a new identity for me and soon i started going to school. I made a lot of friend there, i’ve never liked school when i was a guy but now i could finally enjoy it. My life never had been so great. We became closer as a family, My sister is verry happy with me, we are almost inseparable and my mom found a boyfriend. I hope she would marry him some day and our family will be complete again.


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