Rapid Response

Normally the TG Flu took about two weeks to work through your system. The changes slowly happened over that time and people usually stayed home since it was awkward to to be out and about.

Not for me. The doctors said I was the ‘perfect genetic storm.’ Instead of the changes occurring over two weeks I only took five days!

The first day my body got much softer, I couldn’t help running my hands all over myself. My skin was so soft and smooth like silk. I can’t say that I got super skinny but my body got sexier and sexier. The curves I obtained, particularly on my chest were astounding. By the end of the first day I had C cup breasts. By the end of the second day they were DD’s. By the time the five days were up they were massive H cup breasts. I had a hard time finding any clothes that would fit my breasts and an even harder time not playing with my breasts.

I loved squishing and squeezing them. Jiggling them around I found one hand going down to my new vagina and the other continuing to fondle these massive breasts. I rubbed my clit until I was ready for more and then I plunged my fingers in while I sucked and pulled on my nipples. I felt so high I came once then twice and had to rest. Then I went back and came a third time. The pleasure that radiated through my body, I felt so hot like I was on fire.

So that is my story about my rapid ascension to womanhood. Oh and about finding clothes to where? Well I had found that the best option was to where as little as possible. A stretchable bikini worked nicely since it meant I got to spend all day every day at the beach.


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