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Love potion

Since we became roommates i had a crush on Jessica, the prettiest girl i have ever seen. I tried to get closer to her but my every attempt always failed. She treated me like a friend and wanted to keep it this way. She was so sweet and kind, i wanted her.
One day i suggested some movie. Nothing big just me and her as friends. That’s when my plan should start. I had a love potion and poured it to her drink. In a few minutes she will be madly in love with me and we will be finally together. Read more

Coming out

Since i could remember i always wanted to be a girl. I never had the courage to tell anybody about it so lived my life trapped in the wrong body, dreaming that some day i will become one. Time was running and my wish didn’t come true. I’ve watched as my female classmates were growing up into pretty young women while i was stuck gaining mass and facial hair. I tried to live normally, sometimes i was even able to but deep inside there was a woman who wanted to come out. Eventually i married a woman and together we have a teenage daughter right now. I love my family but sometimes i wish my life ended up diffirently and today i finally had the chace to fulfill my dream thanks to the magic potion. I know it can hurt my family but i just can’t live like this anymore. Read more

Meal for half the price

“Dude i have an awsome plan!” Rey exclaimed. ” there is this restaurant where your fiance can eat for free”
Brandon looked at his friend puzzeled. “I don’t understand what it has to do with us” he said. “We will pretend to be a couple so one of us gets the free food, then we split the bill on two” Rey was proud of his plan. “That’s a terrible idea. I love it!” Brandon agreed and they went to the restaurant. Read more