My friend James was standing infront of me. He was still unawared of the changes. Two minutes ago I used a spell to turn his body into his dreamgirl. He was dressed in a pink bikini, and had the best body I had ever seen. “So, how do you feel? anything different?” I asked him. “The same, why should I feel different?” he answered. “Have you looked at your body lately?” I asked him, he looked down, but I guess he still saw his old male body. Afterall the spell was supposed to be that way, he would act and behave like a man until I said the last part of the spell.

“Ok, James. I will show you” I told him while getting my cellphone out. “Put your hands like this” I said while pretending to grab some breasts. After he did so, I took a picture of him. “Look” I said while showing him a picture of himself. “Ha ha, very funny, that’s not me” he said. Well, it was time to finish the spell, I just had to ask him one more question, and he will become Jane in mind and body. “So Jane, what do you want the most?” I asked her, to which she replied “I want some cock.” And at that moment, James seized to exist.

I took Jane dancing, which she seemed to love. And later, I took her to my place, where we had sex for hours, which she seemed to love even more.


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