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Clarissa Explains It All

Terrence and Phillip made fun of Clarissa and Mandy for their “booty jams”, saying they like rock and metal way better, and that their music was girly and soft. Clarissa was tired of the male chauvinism, and retaliated by making a wish. Read more

Where I Got Them Part 6

The next morning I woke up from the cold in my room, remembering quickly that I had slept naked. I opened my eyes, and heaved myself up onto one arm.
Wait, heaved? Gosh, why do I feel so much…heavier? Did my tits really get that much bigger? I looked down, and confirmed my suspicion: yes, my tits had indeed gotten bigger. Much bigger. But so had my stomach, ass, and thighs: all parts of me the oil had touched.
“Damn it Alyssa!” I shouted. She would wake up this morning, a nice pair of big tits resting on her chest, but here I am, with big…everything. I shifted my weight and got up off my bed before walking over to the mirror. I got a good look at myself, and I started to feel kind of…horny?
“Damn,” I muttered, turning this way and that, making sure to admire every inch of my new body. “I’m actually…pretty sexy.” I reached up, and grabbed my boobs up into my arms, with some difficulty. My arms sank into my new titflesh, and i loved it. I swayed my wide hips from side to side, and my butt shook along with them. I reached down, dropping my tits with a slap against my body. I reached two fingers inside my moist slit, ready to pleasure myself to the sight of my sexy new body, when I heard the phone ring. I sighed, and went to pick it up.
“Hello?” I said with sass.
“What did you do?!” shouted Alyssa from the other end.
“What do you mean?” I said, aggravated now.
“My nipples are fucking huge! Last night when you rubbed them with the oil, it made them get giant and dark and ugh!”
I had to admit, I was getting more and more turned on and the thought of what she was describing. Maybe…
“Here, why don’t you come over and we’ll figure something out. I’ve had some unexpected changes as well…” And with that I hung up. I knew I’d be hearing the ring of the doorbell soon enough…