School Band

James had always been a member of the school band and if he could survive bullies he could survive the great shift swapping his body with that of one of his classmates.

It had been almost 8 months since the great shift and things were slowly starting to get back to normal.

James had return to school even though he felt slightly uncomfortable in his new body wearing some of his sisters hand me downs until he realised things could have been a lot worse when he saw some of his classmates.

He spent a lot of time getting used to his new body the way it moved in the way certain things got in your way so he would be ready for the upcoming school football match.

He stood there and looked over the crowd and his new female band uniform which he was not quite enjoying as he felt the cool night air blowing around his pantyhose covered legs and lifting up his skirt which made him miss wearing trousers a little bit more when he finally noticed everybody could see what he was wearing underneath as he frantically tried to make his skirt stay down which seem to have a mind of it’s own.


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