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Chris (31) knew that there was a chemical leak near his house, but he had no idea what type of effect it would have on his life. It all started one day before the leak… Read more

Paying Attention to Warning Labels

It was my last day of my internship at my college’s chemical facility, and I always made a tradition of stealing a souvenir from wherever I worked to remember the place. Besides my desk, and the employee lounge, I never really got to see the place. So, I decided to give myself an unauthorized tour with the help of my boss’s “missing” keys. Read more

A ranch undressing

I heard a call from the bedroom as I stood nervously in the ensuite.
“Get in here now Red before my balls bust!”
I thought of the 6ft 2in tall cowboy who was there lying on the bed with pants around his ankles, and his 9 inch dick standing to attention waiting just for me.
I was starting to get all moist between my legs just thinking about him. Read more


When I got testicular cancer at the ripe young age of 24, I was absolutely crestfallen. I thought that my life was over. But when the doctors offered me the chance to test a revolutionary new drug, I jumped at the chance to get cured. Read more

What a party!

“So long guys, thanks for the great party.” What was in that cocktail they had given him? Yesterday Martin wanted to join the guy’s gang, but today he felt different … he wanted to join the guys in a gang bang!