Chill out

Working at wall street was really nerve wracking. I didn’t know how long i would be able to live like this. I started to smoke, drink, sometimes doing drugs, everything to losen up a bit. I realized it was bad for my health so i tried something diffirent like yoga but soon i gave up, my body was too stiff. My sister decided to help me. She gave me some weird tasting drink. After i emptied the bottle i felt something strange inside. Then my whole body started to reshape until i turned into a young girl.

It was two weeks since then. My sister gave me the name Tammy and we are currently enjoying our vacations together. As much as i miss my manhood i must admit i like the idea of being a girl. I feel great, no stress and i’m full of energy and joy. It’s wonderful to be 18 years old again and i just hope i can keep it this way.


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