The awkwardness of a Son with Second Puberty

“Hey Dad.” my son Steve came down the stairs “Are my bras dry yet?”

“Umm…no not yet.” I gulped looking at him.

“Well let me know when they are.” he said “I’m gonna go hang out with the guys soon so I’ll need one of my good ones.”

Steve went back to his room, his chest bouncing all the way. I looked at the clothes I was folding, half the basket was big F-cup bras that my son wore. You see up until a few months ago I was the single father of a teenage son until a few months ago when we discovered he had second puberty and started becoming a girl…a very busty girl. His hair got so long and his face so sexy, his chest sticking out and bouncing, he was stunningly beautiful.

This makes things awkward for me since my son has a sexy model like body. At first it was really awkward because he was still having boyish habits like walking around shirtless with his tits out. Luckily a few weeks back he started wearing bras so at least i didn’t have to see them, still it’s really awkward to see him walking around the house in those huge bras. Not to mention he’s running me into the poor house with the costs of him still growing.

I’ve got a lot more awkwardness in front of me.


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