Candy 3

God knows we tried. After having sex with my best friend. He then proposed we should try something different, “So, blue transformed me into a strong man, and pink transformed you into a hot redhead?” he asked, I nodded. “Well, I feel like experimenting a bit” he said, while grabbing a pink candy from my purse and chewing it.

I saw his whole transformation, and it was kind of a turn on. His equipment shrunked until it retracted into his own body, which made me a little sad to see the big boy dissapear. His chest exploded into breasts, his 6’10” frame shrunk down to a 5’6″. His manly face replaced by a feminine one. His hair grew about shoulder length. Anyways, he was transformed into a hot blonde. “Time for some experimenting” she said.

She kissed me and I kissed her back, but sadly there was no spark. “Something is wrong” she said, “I used to have this fantasy of two girls making out, but all I can think now is on having sex… with a man” she said. I nonchalantly smiled. That night we went to a bar, expecting to meet a couple of men, but instead, we only met one guy. Which we took home. We took turns, and he came inside of both of us. I still remember how she was fingering herself while I had sex with that stranger.


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