Body oil for a date with a view of sex

It took me several weeks to persuade my friend Julian to help me find a date with a woman who wants sex.
He gave me a bottle of oil and said to me that I rub my breast with it, he guaranteed I will experience a woman with big tits get laid.
On the same evening I went to the bathroom to get ready.
I undressed and began to rub myself with the oil.
Immediately I felt that my body start changing .
In the mirror I saw how I got smaller and I lost my masculine corporeal qualities and got females. I looked like a female version of mine.
In the end I felt after my penis was replaced with a vagina, how breasts formed under my hands.
I tried with my hands to prevent them getting bigger, but it did not help they slipped away under my oily hands.
Angry, I write Julian and asked if he knew that the oil turned into a woman with huge tits.

He replied immediately:

I promised to you that you will experience lexperience a woman with big tits get laid. This is what you will definitely , because you have to have sex to become a man again. If you are ready for a date with a view of sex call me.


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