Time to Take Them Off

The boss called Jeff and Jed to the office, and demoted them to secretaries, after they failed to nail the Peterson Account. The boss said all their secretaries were well dressed women, so they would be too with the company’s own change booth.

Jeff and Jed were both stunned, they were changed to female secretaries per the boss’s orders, almost immediately after that short meeting. After spending a day as secretaries, Jeff and Jed were tired and hot and worn out. Jeff on the left, pulled off his pantyhose, as they were getting hot and sweaty, especially his feet in those high heeled pumps.

“This will take some getting used to, Jed, but our boss said this is permanent. These hose feel good actually, but they do get hot and sweaty,” said Jeff.

Jed on the right, replied, “Yes, I’ll have to take my shoes off too, I bet they are nasty too, my bare feet have been sticking to them most of the day. But to be honest we both are kind of sexy now, and I can’t say I didn’t feel great all day being a beautiful babe.”

“Same here, perhaps this is a blessing in disguise,” said Jeff.

Jeff and Jed got a whiff of Jeff’s new feet, as the funky smell filled the room a bit, “Your turn Jed, take ’em off.”

Jed kicked off his heels, and what a funky smell that was as well.

Jeff and Jed, who would later be known as Jess and Jen, would realize as sexy as they were now, a little sweat and foot odor was a small price to pay for being hot sexy secretaries.


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