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Second Puberty CYOA

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I left my therapist’s office in a huff. He’s so patronizing. Every time that I tell him that I am not going to let my impending second puberty change who I am or how I live my life he rolls his eyes and says something like
‘I’m sure you’ll try, but every recorded case of second puberty has resulted in significant personality and lifestyle changes by the end of the first 2 months after the completed transformation, often much sooner.’ Read more


“Holy shit, Kenny- Your swimsuit! It’s so-” Jake said after I stripped off my shirt and shorts. Read more

Zero to Popular

I was not happy, I had just been diagnosed with Second Puberty and wasn’t looking forward to going back to school with it. I already wasn’t popular and I knew this was only going to lead to more bullying and of course it did, both from guys and girls calling me a sissy and a girl. Read more

Still Getting Bigger

I opened my bedroom door and looked down at my younger sister, she seemed pretty taken aback. Things had been weird for us lately since I was diagnosed with Second Puberty and started to become a girl like her. She was probably looking since she figured we’d look alike since we were siblings, and frankly I looked good. Read more

Still a Vagina

I hate my therapist. He’s a guy, he’s never gone through second puberty. He thinks I should wear skirts and dresses and tights and makeup and all that crap just to “accept the female me” well fuck that. It wouldn’t be so bad if he hadn’t also convinced my crazy mom. Bye bye gym shorts, hello sports bras. Read more

Boy or Girl

“This is our next participant.” The Hostess Said as a Blond Bombshell walked out onto the stage “So is this a Natural Girl, or a Second Puberty Boy?” Read more

Losing Weight

“Um, mom? I think some of my clothes shrunk in the wash.” I said, entering the room in nothing but a bra and a pair of genes I had to squeeze into. “None of my shirts fit me, and these genes are practically painted on.” Read more

Getting out of a ticket

After Graduation my Girlfriend and I were going on a long trip to see a band we liked, it was a chance to get away, you see I recently finished battling Second Puberty and turning into a girl so this was something I was looking forward too. Read more