Bustier Babes

Harry and Gerry were catcalling and whistling at two nicely endowed young women as they walked by. These two women were not amused, and were no ordinary women either! They carried the Catcall Curse, and were in fact at one time formerly catcalling men themselves. They were changed as a result of the curse. If any man catcalled the cursed women, they would themselves become similar, and the more the catcalls, the more pronounced the changes would be.

As we can observe here, Harry and Gerry must have done some serious harassment of these young ladies, because once they got home, the changes took shape, as well as their new massive hooters! Their clothing even changed, as they took their tops off then, tried to put them back on to clothe their new boobs.

Harry on the left couldn’t believe he had such huge breasts and long blonde hair, and a sunflower tight skirt to go with his new female body. His friend Gerry had taken off his new skirt, but was desperately putting his sexy new top back on to cover up his new hooters! Gerry didn’t know if this was even more of a punishment, but his new pussy smelled like fish, and he just realized he had told one of the women he catcalled that he didn’t want to “taste her tuna” anyway!

The two were the latest victims of the Catcall Curse, but wouldn’t be the last. Harry and Gerry would now have to change their names to Harriet and Gwendolyn now, as they definitely didn’t look like a Harry and Gerry!


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