Laughter is the best medicine.

Scott was enjoying his first vacation with his friends since the great shift.

He felt like a third wheel sometimes as he was the only one out of his friends to be put in a female body & was surprised by how much support his friends gave him.

They knew he was going through a rough patch so that’s why they decided to take him away on vacation to give him some time to adjust to his new body.

They had all been into camping and adventure sports before the great shift and nothing had really change their apart from Scott going from being one of the best archers to one of the worst.

They weren’t sure how he was going to take it as he tried to fire another arrow at the target but could not get enough pull back due to his breasts being in the way.

They were all relieved when he started laughing at himself as he turned to his friends and said at least I look good doing it as he stood there in his pink sports bra and unbuttoned jeans hanging down at the hips which made them all laugh and relieved some of the tension in the air.


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