Where’s the off switch?

When Matthew found himself naked in the body of his pregnant neighbor Jessica on her bed with two fingers shoved deep in her sticky warm and wet vagina with her breasts swinging from side to side unable to stop himself from continuing what she had started despite her heavy pregnant belly in the way.

He could not believe a pregnant woman could be this horny as he continue masturbating with no idea how he got there or how to turn her body off as his mind was rocked by waves of pleasure that were more intense than anything he had ever felt before.

Back in Matthews house Jessica found herself in his body and rushed around to her house to see if Matthew was in her body slightly embarrassed knowing the state she left her body in and was surprised to find him still in the position she was when she left her body as she stood there watching him.

Both of them did not have any idea how they switch bodies or how to switch back so for the time being Matthew was going to have to be Jessica a happily married woman expecting her first child and Jessica was going to have to pretend to be Matthew a single self-employed electrician until they could find a way to switch back.

Which Matthew was hoping was going to be before his due date as he was not looking forward to pushing out somebody else’s kid.


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