Bright side

When life gives you lemons you feel like you can’t take it any longer, like it’s too much and the whole world is against you. But sometimes it can bring you good things and i learned about this from my own expirience.

It all started at my sister’s wedding. She was 25 years old when she was getting married. I was 16 back then and didn’t even think that her wedding will affect my life more than hers. You see my family is very powerfull, highly involved in politics just like the groom’s family. It was very important for both families so they tried their best to keep them together. My sister however had other plans for her life. Two hours before the ceremony she ran away leaving a note. Everyone was shocked. The most importan people from both families gathered to find a solution. I acompanied my father in the meeting, although i knew nobody would listen to me. We couldn’t cancel the wedding. If the media finds out that my sister ran away a huge scandal could break, ruining the reputations of both families. Everyone agreed that they need a replacment for my sister. It turned out that i would be the replacment. I found this idea absurd, i may have some resemblence of my sister but there was no way i would fool someone by dressing up like her. But they had a solution for it. I was exposed to some weird amulet which changed me into an exact copy of my sister. I was then dressed up in my sister’s wedding dress and guided by my father to the altar where i was supposed to get married in her place.

After the ceremony we went to the wedding party. Everyone smiled and cheered up for the young couple. I sat next to my husband and smiled, pretending everything is fine. After the party i went to the apartaments with my husband where were supposed to consume our marriage. I rather skip this part for known reasons.

I hoped my sister will change her mind and come back, but she didn’t. I was slowly accepting my life and adjusting to my new body. After some time i got used to being a woman. I also started to see the bright side of this situation. My husband Mark was diffirent from his family members. He really cared about me and he wanted to marry me not because it will strengthen his family status. He wanted to marry me because he loved me.

Now you can see me a year after our wedding. Over time i developed some feelings towards Mark. I can’t deny he really is a wonderfull man and i love him. I’m currently 9 months pregnant with our first baby. I just can’t wait to become a mother and create a nice family with Mark


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