Boyfriend to Mother

‘”This is better than Jacking off in my old body”, groaned Matt, now inhabiting the body of his girlfriend’s mother, Karen. When Matt found a beautiful, ancient amulet for his girlfriend’s birthday, he decided to get her mom, Karen’s, opinion. Furthermore, touching the amulet at the same time caused them to switch bodies. Urging to swap back, Karen suggested that they stay as each other for a week, as it would get them to know each other better and insisted that she would look after the amulet. When it got to the 5th day after their body swap Matt decided to check up on Karen as she was always spending the majority of the time in the bedroom. Walking in, his jaw dropped to the floor when he caught her beating off with his dick. “Oh hey Matt, I was wondering when you would catch me masturbating in your body. Since swapping with you I’ve never realised how horny you teenage boys get. Especially you, your dick never stops going hard”, Karen said, grinning, whilst stroking her young cock in front of Matt. “I know you’ve been masturbating in my body to Matt because I’ve heard your screams. Instead of exploring our bodies alone why don’t we explore them together right now”, Karen suggested as Matt began to blush crimson red; his pussy starting to become soaking wet. I’ll take that as a yes then”, Karen smiled as she laced towards Matt, stripping him and plunging her swollen cock into Matt’s hungry cunt. Eventually, Matt would begin to scream out Karen’s name, demanding her to fill his pussy full of hot spunk.


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