Booby Trap!


Robert fell for it. As he walked out of the shower, he stepped right onto my booby trap. …Yeah. Booby trap. Get it? Because instead of ordinary explosion, you get boobies! Robert’s chiseled body was transformed into a body of supermodel. Or a porn star.

Robert seemed less than amused for it. He stared at me with an expression like, “are you serious?”

Of course I’m serious. I stood awaiting for the effect to kick in. The effect was a sort of hypnosis–the victim of the booby trap would start to believe that the first man he/she lays their eye on is their best boyfriend. And I was that boyfriend.

“Make love to me,” Robert said. “Of course,” I responded. And started to caress her soft body. The effect wouldn’t last an hour–after a day or so, he’d be back to his old body and mind. But I can’t believe he fall for it everytime! Maybe he’s… enjoying it. heh.


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