Body Suit Prank Gone Wrong

It was supposed to be a joke. A prank against your recently dumped and annoyingly lonely best friend Dylan. You bought the body suit, cost a fortune but you could afford it, and the more convincing the better. You knew how much Dylan liked girls with a little extra so you put on that suit – wide hips and a especially full ass, thick thighs, and huge breasts that would grab any guys attention no matter how much clothing you covered them up with. But you had to be sure, so you bought a push-up bra and sexy red dress with a plunging neckline that would catch Dylan’s attention for sure, perfectly complimenting the dark brunette wig, ice blue eyes, and plump red lips of the costume. You go to the bar. You find Dylan, drinking alone like he does so often now a days. You introduce yourself as Jessica, bite your lip, playfully twirl your hair around your manicured fingers, lean over and catch him looking down your gracious cleavage. He’s already drunk so he can’t distinguish the clearly pretend female voice. Soon you’ll break the joke to him, hoping it will give him a good laugh and get him back on his feet – he has his confidence back, it never left. Such strong confidence. With every drink you push back the reveal, enjoying the attention that a horny man will give you, complimenting you, trying to put his arm around your narrow waist and caress that ass wanting to break free of the dress. You’re getting more drunk…his smile is so charming, you find yourself acting more flirtatious every minute. Before you realize it, you’re back at his place kissing passionately. He pulls you tightly against him, the silicon breasts pressing against his muscled chest, with one hand tousling your silky hair and the other reaching down your back to firmly grasp the shapely ass of the body suit. Maybe it’s the drunkenness but it doesn’t feel like his hand his on top of a layer of a synthetic ass, but rather you can feel the goosebumps along your soft backside as if it were your own. You feel the wideness of the hips, the curvy bounce of a womanly ass. In one swift move he pulls off your dress and pushes you onto the bed, still kissing you. Your wig feels especially tight. he begins to knead your breasts, barely contained by the bra. Beneath the body suit, you chest tingles and grows more and more sensitive to his erotic massaging. A new pleasure radiates as you can feel almost your chest swell to fill the mimicked space, you sit up panting and unclip the bra, feeling a new weight drop and hang into the eager open hands of Dylan. You notice the nipples are somehow hardened, even though the bodysuit came with flat nipples. They are especially sensitive now, and as he eases you back on the bed he flicks them with his tongue sending sensual tremors to every corner of your body. His begins to descend your stomach, kissing his way down toward your last bit of clothing – your thong. Underneath the imitated flat female crotch you feel your erect but uncharacteristically small penis, struggling to contain itself beneath the suit. He takes off the thong slowly, sliding his hands down your shivering legs and around your backside, his hands clutching the side of your hips as he buries he face between your legs. At first you only feel the weight of his face, but slowly sensation grows – you feel the wetness of a lusting vagina, the careful movement of his tongue between your folds, you can no longer feel an erection, only a void longing to be filled. Your back arches as a powerful wave of pleasure crashes over your freshly complete body. You moan in an undoubtedly feminine voice. You breath erratically as Dylan continues to explore you with his tongue. You realize that this is your body, there is nothing beneath it but an ocean of pleasure, and you realize you want Dylan to make you his.


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