You had one wish, it seemingly simple enough, straightforward: “I wish I was irresistible to woman.”
The room spins. You fall backwards onto the bed, you hold on tight, thinking that you’re about to be thrown off into some unknown space. Suddenly, everything stops. You’re no longer in your room. On the floor is a pile of female clothes: a tight tank top, a skirt, a well sized bra, and a thong. What the hell? you think. Your mind is foggy. Suddenly your legs feel itchy, hundreds of pinpricks up and down. Panicking you rush to take of your pants. You throw them aside as you see the last hairs on your legs retract into your body. You stare in confusion as you feet narrow, and your legs grow more slender, the once muscle defined claves and thighs blending in to distinctly womanly curves. You panic as the waistband of your underwear stretches, your hips are widening. You feel a swelling in your ass lift you a couple inches of the bed as your waist constricts. Suddenly, with each passing second of the inexplicable transformation, you feel a building pleasure. Whatever is happening to you is tapping into some uncontrollable erotic arousal. You breathe erratically as tightness builds up in your chest, you can’t breathe. You frantically take of your shirt to see your nipples grow, the areolas widen and the tips get longer…harder. A gratification culminates as the flesh beneath them expands. Bigger….and bigger. You see the distinct shape of perfect breasts begin to form. You can’t resist the urge to clutch them and realize that your hands are now significantly smaller, long nails painted a deep red. Your ass finally stops growing, reaching the proportions of a seemingly Photosopped model, but your chest continues to enlarge beneath your feminine hands, overflowing what they could contain, you begin to moan with the growing ecstasy, the nipples rubbing up against your eager fingers. Your shoulders suddenly narrow as golden hair pours over them. Your face is buzzing and you pull up your hand to feel the long lashes, smaller nose, and undeniably lush lips of a gorgeous woman. You continue to moan, sounding like a horny porn star. Your breasts are huge, but they haven’t stopped growing. At last your cock begins to throb beneath your underwear. You quickly yank them off. Your cock is shrinking as a moist slit forms beneath you disappearing balls, the hair around them disappearing to reveal the soft skin. The pleasure is unbearable, you begin to scream as your cock shrinks to form the top of your womanly folds, and your breasts stop swelling. Suddenly you are lucid again, panting in absolute arousal. I’m a woman! The door opens and the stark naked body of a sexy brunette enters. Her hair is tousled, her breasts just as large as the ones atop your chest, hips wide, and legs spread in arousal. She was a goddess. She stared longingly as your nakedness, breathing heavily.

“You know exactly what to do to get me turned on, sexy,” she walks over to where you are laying down and begins to massage the massive globes handing from your chest, kissing them gently. Your eyes roll back in your head as you realize that the pleasure of the transformation with be eclipsed by the pleasure you are about to receive.

The brunette looks up and smiles lustfully, “What do you say to spending the day in here, just the two of us. You’re simply irresistible.”


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