Blue Orb Swap

Now that I look at her, I don’t see my daughter anymore. I know it’s my husband in her body, and now that I’m in her boyfriend’s body, I can’t seem to control myself anymore.
I’m not even mad my husband dressed his new cute body up like this. It’s getting me turned on.

Poor Mary. If she saw what her dad was doing in her body. All of this is due to this blue orb that went through the house. My husband ended up in our daughter’s body but exchanged dress style and sex drive with our slutty neighbour. I strangely was in my daughter’s boyfriend’s body, but had my husband’s cock.
Our daughter was now in the slutty’s neighbour body, but dressed up quite conservatively. Her boyfriend was now in my husband’s body but took our daughter’s sexual orientation…

Everything was just so weird now. But I guess I will enjoy undressing my new perverted girlfriend…


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