New mom

6 years old Amy always wanted to be an adult and grown up. She wanted to be like mommy an be noticed by other adults. She never felt like she was as childish as the other kids.
All changed in the moment she put on some panties of her mom’s drawer. Immediately she started to grow in every aspect. She gained a lot of height, her legs got long and toned, her breasts began to pump outwards, her backside formed into a bubble butt, her belly became nicely toned too and lastly her face transformed itself into her mother’s.
Holding her Huffle Puffle tight in her right arm, she caressed her new body all over. But suddenly in the moment she softly caressed her round butt, she gained all the memories of her mother.
At first she was disgusted by the things she and her father had done in bed and elsewhere, but soon she felt her new pussy tingle in excitement when she thought about it. She wasn’t only an adult in body, but also in mind now.
With all the things she knew how to do in this body she would be more mature than she expected to be…


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