Girl Lessons

Laurie couldn’t believe things had come to this. She’d never had the confidence or attitude of some of her peers, so she’d always faded into the background. She was sick of it, but she didn’t know how to change herself. Enter Alec, a distant acquaintance that lived in the same apartment complex as her.

She’s still not sure how it happened, but Alec had ended up offering to teach her how to display that sexy, confident attitude she desired. At first he’d tried to talk her through it, but after a few hours of little progress he’d evidently determined a demonstration was necessary.

With a snap of his fingers, Laurie found herself in Alec’s body. Before she could find her voice to demand an explanation, Alec had begun strutting around in her body to show her “the walk”. Things had only escalated from there. As informative as it all was, Laurie decided it was time to put her foot down when Alec stripped naked and announced he’d show her some special techniques.


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