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Cheaper than tickets

“Come on, I know I don’t have tickets but I do have these.” He flashed his mother’s breasts letting security get a full view. “What do say boys, can I get in?” Read more

Being the Moms: Ryan part 2

After a kisses and fondling from his father, Ryan was fully aroused and his female body was begging for a cock especially from his dad, maybe it was the alchol making up his mind, but body felt like it needed him. “Alright BABE, let’s get serious here!” said Ryan in demanding tone. He pushed his father on the bed and plopped down and undid his dress a little so it wouldn’t get dirty from the rough house they’d be doing. “Let’s see what you got down there I know it’s weird, but mom’s body is just so so damn horny right now.” though Ryan as he pulled of his dad’s pants and started to jerk him off furiously. “Babe wait, wait, wait!” said Randy putting a hand on Ryan and stopping him. “let me fuck you on the bed please, I just feel like ramming my fist or cock into something.’ since you got me so fucking pumped.” “Ok, that can work to.” Ryan said with a sly grin.

Don’t Bring Jewelry to the lake

“No,no,no please We have to find it mom” Trey(18) said. ” I know I told you to put the rings in the car” Marisa(45) said. You see Treys mom was tired of him playing video games all day instead of going outside and with no one else in the family home she asked him if he wanted to go to the lake with her. He said sure because it was incredibly hot and he was kind of board playing video games anyway. On there way down to the lake threw the woods they saw this old lady. She walked up to the mother and son pair and told them about these rings that would make them “more connected”. Trey’s mom loved the idea of being closer so she asked the woman how much. The woman said free and handed them the rings and left. Needless to say when the put the rings on they swapped bodies. It was weird at first but they thought about what a unique experience it was and decided to stay as each other at the lake unfortunately due to Trey’s laziness about taking the rings to the car the rings accidentally fell in the lake. They have been looking for the rings for hours now. It seems like the mother and son pair are going to be stuck as each other