Being Mrs. Carson

Months after the Great Shift, many of those affected were still trying to get used to their new bodies. For those who shifted ages, rather than genders, it was easier but you did have those who got the worst (or best) of both worlds.

Mrs. Carson, an elementary school teacher, had shifted with a young boy in her class. Being a young boy traumatized Mrs. Carson, to the point of being put into a mental institution. Tommy, who shifted into the 33 year old woman’s body, was confused beyond all belief but felt ‘okay’ about it.

The young boy explored his body over the weeks, privately. Pleasure overwrote his brain and it was all he could think about. He was kept in an apartment by himself, overlooked by professionals to keep him, and his urges, safe. One night, however, Tommy escaped the apartment and went looking for Mrs. Carson’s husband.

Mr. Carson would normally object to seeing Tommy, knowing who was inside his wife’s luscious body, but he had far too much to drink that night. He would end up showing Tommy the benefits of such a body by ramming his cock into him. Over and over.

Tommy loved every second of it.


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