Barely Still There

“What’s that?” asks Jeff.
“Oh… This?” Mark replies, holding up a small device. It resembles a T.V. remote, but it has a small screen on it. It says something but istoo far for Jeff to read.
“No… the other thing you have in your hand… of course that.” Jeff scoffs.
“Just a little something I picked up online.” Mark says with a devious grin. “Got it shipped special from Japan.”
“Well?” Jeff says, urging his friend to elaborate growing worried at his roommate’s cryptic replies.
“Well what friend?” Mark sneers as his eyes dart between Jeff and the screen, his fingers pressing what appear to be arrow keys.
“What does it do?” Jeff shouts, growing impatient. But that’s not all he’s growing. Suddenly he feels a tickle behind his ears and down his neck. As he reaches back to investigate he finds a large mass of rapidly growing blonde hair flowing from his scalp, replacing his short red hair. “What the fuck?”
“I’m glad you asked my friend. You see what i have here is a remote genetic restructuring device capable of restructuring your genome whilst simultaneously creating, in real-time, the corresponding phenotypical alterations I select.” Mark smiles, proud of his recitation of biology 101 terms.
“English motherfucker.” Jeff shouts.
“A transformation device.” Mark spits. “i.e. I point and click whatever I want you to be. Speaking of, let’s continue on our way shall we my dear? Let’s tan your skin, and lose all that excess body hair.”
“What?” Jeff’s voice grows meek as the fearful sensation of his skin growing soft and hairless becomes increasingly apparent under his jeans and t-shirt. His skin feels alien, feminine, slipping frictionless under the rough fabrics. Just as soon as the hair left the tan came on. A stinging sensation creeps over his skin, feeling as though he were getting a sunburn spraying onto him. As it slides up his arm he fights viciously with his other hand to wipe it off, but only manages to irritate his now soft, sensitive skin. “How is this possible?”
“Don’t think to hard darling.” Mark smiles, pressing more buttons, Jeff managed to make out the word FACIAL on the screen. “You’re much too pretty for that.”
“Huh?” Jeff queries, his voice sounding remarkably more girly and small as he feels his facial hair follow the way of his body hair and his eyebrows thinning. He runs to a mirror to see what’s going on. As he approaches his reflection the first thing he notices is his now big, dumb looking eyes. Permanently fixed in a bedroom gaze. Next his cheeks thinned out and his bone structure changed, his cheekbones rising and his brow flattening. Next his nose shrunk and his lips became a thin pout. Over his still broad shoulders he saw Mark clicking one button several times before snickering to himself. Then the pressure bloated behind his lips, pushing them out into clearly fake dick sucking lips. “What the hell…” Jeff stops, hearing the ditzy voice that escaped his porn star mouth.
“Now for the body. Thin waist…” Mark says. He clicks and suddenly Jeff feels ribs cracking, fat dissolving and muscle shifting and toning. The combination nearly makes him vomit. “Wide hips and a fat ass…” A similar sensation sweeps over him but feeling the fat redistribute back into his butt and hips. “Long legs.” And it was so. “Narrow shoulders, slender arms. Oh and can’t forget the constantly dripping wet pussy!” Jeff falls back onto the bed with all the overwhelming sensations. He feels his body writhe and shift under his skin, but most noticeably his cock becomes rock hard and feels like he’s cumming, or peeing, more like peeing cum. He takes his dainty hands and inspects to find his shrinking penis is ejaculating a clear viscus fluid, it smelled like pussy. Finally the penis retreated into his new vagina which was also dripping with the fluid, now less viscus but he still ached with arousal. “And now the last piece. Big, juicy, plastic tits.” Suddenly the fatty feeling pressure pushes against the back of his nipples. Jeff grabbed his newly budding tits and felt the fat fill them in, growing bigger with every breath when suddenly he felt a foreign body enter his breasts, expanding at a greater rate. Silicone implants. Pressing on the edges and giving his now DDD cup tits a round, fake look that clearly got Mark excited.
“Like… Why?” Jeff asks.
“Because I need to fuck. And so do you.” And he clicked another set of buttons. Suddenly thoughts of cock and cum and balls and the smell of men rushed through Jeff’s mind. His already dripping pussy gushed and throbbed as he nearly came right then and there.
“Not you! Mmmm… I’m so horny.” Jeff moans. “But not you. You monster.”
“Is that any way to treat your master Tiffany?” Mark said, confirming the name option.
“What? My name isn’t Tiffany… it’s… wait.” Tiffany was confused. Meanwhile, Mark was adding to this confusion by rapidly pressing the down arrow on the IQ menu. 100… “Is it? Tiff-an-ee” She mouthed, 90… “Tiffany, Hee Hee. Yeah that sounds right. 80… “It’s, like, Tiffy. Duh. Hee Hee.” 70… “Tiffy Titties. My name is that.” 60… “You want Tiffy fuck you?” 50… “Uhhh… Tiffy horny. Tiffy gots big tits. You wanna touch Tiffy? Hee Hee. Tiffy like you.”
“So Tiffany. Do you remember your old life before I rearranged you’re mind?” Mark smiled, tossing her a pink bra and white skirt. “Put these on.”
“Wait? I put on dress up time?” Tiffy asks.
“Yes. Then Tiffy fuck master Mark.”


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