Babysitter Possession

“Hellooo?”, Elizabeth called out when she entered the Hendersons house. They had graciously granted her her own key which was handy when she was running late to babysitting Kyle. He was reasonably old now to take care of himself for a while but he still needed supervision.
“Hello, Kyle?”, she called out again. Wonder why he didn´t respond.

“To Beth from Kyle”
The note and a necklace was laying on the kitchen counter.
“To me? How sweet of him. I absolutely adore that stone”, she said to herself. ” and unclasped it. “He must be around here somewhere watching me putting it on”.
Not wanting to disappoint him she placed it around her neck with the clasp.

“Whoa! It worked!”, Elizabeths body said in amazement. “I´ve got Beth´s body! This will be so cool!”, she said whilst groping her boobs and ass.

“Niceeeeeee”, Kyle in Beth´s body panted. “That was the second orgasm for the evening. Girl bodies rocked!
So far he had eaten hamburgers (wasn´t allowed), played shooters (wasn´t allowed) and masturbated (not yet forbidden by obvious reasons).
“Mom and dad won´t be back until tommorow and I know that Beth have a boyfriend”, he pondered to himself, “It´s boring to play games alone”.
A quick phone call later and Brad was on his way.
Unaware of the events that had transpired he was pleasantly suprised by being welcomed by his girlfriend who was wearing only her underwear.
She guided him to the sofa and gave him a controller. Brad played a couple of games, casting glances on his girlfriend all the time. God she was so hot. He formulated a clumpsy plan that he would inch closer to her every now and then so they would get skin contact.
Kyle didn´t mind Brad getting closer, it felt good somehow.
Brad put his arm around Kyle. That felt good too.
The kiss was great.
The caressing fantastic.
The fondling amazing.
But the sex was fricking mind-blowing.


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