Sarah’s Strengths

I should have read the articles more carefully about the new Brain Wave Receptor/Response technology. It is really getting amazing the things that they can do.

What I said when I was waiting at home when my wife was late getting home from the office was, “I would do anything to know why she is late.”

So taken literally I guess you could say I gave advance consent for what happened. There are lessons to be learned, including that “do anything” is a pretty broad statement.

When I was transferred into Sarah’s body to understand why she was late, I learned right away that there are amazing things she can do. I realized what had happened and quickly learned that breathing through my nose was good, and that Sarah’s boss Michael likes eye contact, and he is very complimentary. For instance, he said, “I love our daily blowjob sessions, Sarah.”

I nodded my head but I was thinking, “daily?”


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