“Ugh… There, are you satisfied?” Asked Lincoln as her breast instantly swelled to an enormous size right before her wife Caroline’s eyes. Caroline laughed as one of her husband’s massive breasts popped out of her tight dress. Lincoln’s face was stern as she tried to ignore that.

Lincoln and Caroline were both wealthy socialites that met one night at an art gallery and fell in love. For their ten year anniversary, they went to the south of France for a second honeymoon. While Caroline was ready for children, Lincoln was ready for a different change. One night during dinner, he gave Caroline a pair of beautiful earrings as an anniversary gift. Little did Caroline know, they were expensive magical earrings. As soon as she put the earrings on, her breasts grew to an enormous size. She screamed and took them off immediately, but her breasts did not shrink. It turns out that any woman that put the earrings on at night would grow huge breasts, and if she wanted to reverse this then she would have to wait until daytime to take the earrings off. However, if she took them off at night like Caroline did, then her breasts would stay enlarged permanently. Lincoln apologized and told her that he hoped that she would be happy with his surprise, but she was furious. A few days later, Lincoln woke up in their fancy French hotel feeling very strange. When he saw his reflection, he was horrified to see that he was a woman. Lincoln quickly noticed an ornate medallion that she wore around her neck. She had never seen it before, but she knew that it had to be the reason behind why she had been transformed. As she began to take it off, Caroline suddenly warned her not to. Lincoln was confused by her wife’s words and her smug expression. She explained that she had one of her family heirlooms shipped to her in France behind her husband’s back and put it on him while he slept. Realizing that this was payback for the earrings, Lincoln demanded to know how to become a man again. After telling her that she was never a real man, and that she had filed for divorce, she told her that taking the medallion off in any less than 24 hours would seal her fate as a woman. However, she also told her that there was a way to change back sooner, and that she would tell her on one condition. Lincoln begrudgingly put on the magic earrings and suffered the humiliation of rapidly expanding breasts. It was then, that Lincoln’s heart sank as her cackling wife told her that she had lied. There was no secret method to changing back sooner. She just wanted to see Lincoln put the earrings. Lincoln was furious, but she didn’t take off the earrings. She wasn’t sure about the rules of the earrings anymore. She had ever thought about it that much. She couldn’t risk taking them off too early and ending up with massive man boobs even after she changed back.
10 years later…
After 5 years, Lincoln had returned to France. A lot had changed since then. She went by “Lina” now. It turned out that Caroline had lied about more than she had thought. Lincoln had learned the hard way that wearing the medallion for 24 hours actually made the effects permanent. She had learned that during the night and frantically yank off all of the magical jewelry she had been wearing, thus sealing her fate as a beautiful, busty woman. She lamented the fact that she could’ve become a man again had he just done that immediately. She had no problem signing the divorce papers after that. As she stepped out of the limo and looked at the hotel where her life changed, her husband, Darren, got out of the limo and embraced his beautiful wife in a kiss. She kissed her longtime best friend and business partner back as her heart fluttered. She couldn’t believe that she could love a man so much. She was ready. She was finally ready to have children.


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