Always has to be the womens way or nothing

So I can home and told my Girfriend who is always open minded, that we should do a threesome. She said She would have to think about it. The next day I came home early and I seen Brad at the house, I was talking to him and ask what brings him here and he said my Girlfriend ask him to come that we need his help. As she walked in to the living room she handed me a drink and said Brad is here to help us. I said in what way as I was drinking the shake she gave me. She said were going to do a threesome like i wanted to do. I told her not with Brad and me, I wanted two girls and as i said that i felt dizzy. All I heard her say is yes two girls and Brad. As I felt my body change and I was now on all 4’s and Brad was doggie styling me with my new pussy. I just couldn’t get enough of him into me and my Girlfriend was getting her pussy eatting out and saying that my idea of a threesome was an excellent idea.


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