Ms. Fiona Faux

Ted reached his new French manicured right hand down his pantyhose to find his new equipment. He was in total shock after his science teacher Ms. Fiona Faux swapped their bodies after class during detention! He woke up in her back office, locked in from the outside, and stuck in her very busty curvy figure!

Ted in shock at how his new body looked and felt, pulled of the long floral dress he was now wearing as Ms. Faux, then he undid his own bra to get a better look at the new huge weights on his chest! He also noticed he was wearing skin colored pantyhose, a little lighter tone that his own new skin now, along with his tiny feet stuffed in bright red high heels. Finally he had the courage to feel his new sex, under the hose, as the picture shows. He well, she was even more stunned than ever feeling a vagina up, but having it be your own!

Ms. Faux had plans when she body swapped with her student Ted. She didn’t trust Ted when he said things were a mess at his home, and that’s what made him turn out so bad. Having found a family heirloom that supposedly swapped people’s bodies, she took it to school with her that day, not even believing in it, but thinking it was worth a shot to get to the bottom of Ted’s nasty behavior. She would take his body to his own home, and see first-hand what was going on from his eyes!

It turns out the heirloom worked, and she was stunned to be Ted, as much as he was stunned to be her! She locked the office door, so Ted in her body wouldn’t get out freaking out at being her. This would give her enough time to go to Ted’s house and scope the place out, as Ted!

What she didn’t realize was just how violent Ted’s dad was, and on that day, Ted’s dad snapped, and shot him dead, but Ms. Faux was in his body when this occurred, so the real Ted, was still alive and well, in his sexy science teacher’s body! Not knowing of the family heirloom that was in her drawer at school in her office, Ted didn’t know that was what swapped them in the first place. He also found out on the town news on his teacher’s phone that there was a shooting in town, stunned to read that it was in fact Ted’s dad shooting Ted dead! His heart sank as he realized if his body was dead, that means his teacher died in it, and he was stuck as her for good, he would have to be Ms. Fiona Faux from now on! He looked in a mirror at her house, and wondered how he would ever get used to this, and how he would teach her class now! People would think he was crazy if he said he was actually Ted, body swapped with Ms. Faux! He would have to try to live her life like nothing happened now.

Ted managed as Fiona, but it was difficult to get used to and adjust to being a woman for Ted. He had to admit, however, his boobs felt great, so did his new pussy, and he loved the feeling of wearing pantyhose and heels with a flowing dress whisking about as he walked! It could be his new body’s desires, or whatever, but he was starting to take to this being a female teacher thing pretty well.


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