“Stupid loser…” Jamie grumbled as she sifted through the trash can. It was so gross, but she needed it.

It wasn’t quite true. The guy hadn’t been a total loser. He’d been pretty good in the sack actually. But he had insisted on a condom. Apparently Jamie was getting quite the reputation, and though he hadn’t said it, she knew he was worried about VD.

She found the condom, still slightly warm. At least the guy had left quickly afterwards. She lifted it up to her mouth and put the open end into her mouth. She started shaking and squeezing it, trying to get every last drop of cum out. When she was finished she turned it inside out and licked it clean.

There was more than a bit of dust and grime on it now, and she gagged. It was so much easier when she could just get the guy to cum in her mouth.

One stupid little spell had made her into this. Indirectly of course. It had been a summoning spell. James tried to summon a famous succubus, and had been more than prepared to pay for her to be his for the night.

Apparently James was better than he thought, because instead of a spell asking her to appear, it was a spell commanding her to appear. She didn’t like that. Unfortunately James’s sealing circle was not as masterfully crafted as his summoning spell.

The succubus had transformed him into a woman, and gave him an addiction to cum. If Jamie didn’t swallow cum every eight hours, she’d become desperately, wildly, bestially horny until she swallowed some. From anywhere. She hadn’t realized exactly what that meant until one time she screwed up and the only `guy’ around had been furry and on four legs. She tried not to think about what she’d done that time.

She licked her lips and went to get a glass of water. Her afternoon tea cum was safely in her belly. She could work on trying to find some way to counter her transformation for a few hours. Then she’d need to find another guy for her midnight snack cum. Hopefully he’d stick around and be breakfast cum too. She always set her alarm an hour and a half early, just in case the guy snuck off in the night and she had to find another one. Fortunately, the succubus had been kind enough to make Jamie hot, and finding a guy to suck off wasn’t particularly difficult, even at 7 in the morning.

He certainly couldn’t deny he got more sex now. He also had to admit he did kind of enjoy it, even if he was on the receiving end and it was mostly oral. Sometimes he wondered if he should only try to cure the cum addiction part of the curse…


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