Roxie’s rabbit foot keychain pt 1 – a hard lesson

I’d finally had enough of my buddy Jerry’s new girlfriend Roxie. I’d had words with her before a few times about how I didn’t like how she treated him and never let him go to games or hang with his friends anymore, but when she showed up at the Devil’s Den during our friend Tom’s birthday party yelling and trying to drag Jerry out, I’d had enough. I cussed her out and told her what I thought of her, and all the guys laughed and clapped. Jerry looked worried, and Roxie looked furious.

“I’ve got something for all of you…” she said and stormed off.

That was weeks ago, and I regret ever crossing her. Sure, I lose my temper pretty easy and I’m a bit of a hothead, but I swear I’ve learned my lesson… if Roxie would only listen to me.

It turns out I picked the wrong day to tell her off. Storming back in and up to us, suddenly Roxie pulled this ratty old keychain with a rabbit’s foot on it out of her pocket, and angrily yelled “I wish Jerry was at our apartment and would stay there until I get home.”

Suddenly, Jerry, who had been standing right next to me, was gone! In the blink of an eye. His beer was even laying on the ground where he’d been standing. Roxie had a big grin on her pretty face.

“What the fuck happened to Jerry?” I yelled.

“He went home. He’s never going to a strip club again.” She said angrily.

“You can’t control peoples lives you crazy bitch!” I barked at her.

“That’s where you’re wrong… with this…” she dangled the keychain in front of me”I actually can!”

“Whatever you crazy bitch…” I said and started to turn back to our table, where six of my friends were still having drinks and watching the strippers. I sat down, and suddenly, Roxie was sitting in a chair at our table as well… even though I she wasn’t there one second earlier.

“Since you guys love getting Jerry to sneak behind my back and come to this place because strip clubs are so important to you, I want to make sure you have a time you won’t ever forget to night!” Roxie said with an evil grin, brushing her long black hair to one side and clutching that stupid rabbit’s foot.

“I wish that everyone on this table, except for you…” she crooked a finger at me as I stared with a bemused grin, watching this woman lose her mind in front of me…

“would be unable to speak or do anything except, stand up, partner up with another man at this table, take each others hand, and go back into the VIP rooms 2 guys to a room and then, since you all like strip teases so much, each man will take turns giving each other the sexiest lap dances possible, suddenly becoming intensely sexual attracted to each other and turned on, and the dances will get more and more sexual and continue until each one of you have brought their partner to an orgasm.” she said with a laugh.

I started to laugh as well, until suddenly everyone did exactly what she said! At first I thought it was a gag, but when none of them would answer, and they all suddenly were holding hands and going into the private rooms together I knew something was very wrong.

“What the fuck is going on here?” I yelled standing up, towering over the petite Roxie, who just smiled.

“Don’t worry, I saved the best for you Ryan… I wish that since you love it here so much, you now worked here… as the newest dancer, and since this seems to be a female dancers only place, I wish you ten years younger and female, with your idea of the perfect stripper body and you should also always dress in the kind of sexy clothes you like strippers to wear.” She stood up out of the chair and grinned at me, as I started to yell that she was crazy…

I stopped as my words choked… and sounded strange. Suddenly my body was wracked with a numb tingling sensation and I felt dizzy. I staggered, and then looked at Roxie… who was now looking me right in the eyes. I looked down to see how that was possible, since I was easily a foot taller than her… and that’s when I screamed in a high pitched girls voice. What I saw couldn’t be possible… I was wearing a tiny pink tube top, and it strained to hold in… boobs! The short daisy dukes I know wore revealed long, hairless female legs. I turned to Roxie, eyes wide, and long brown hair fell around my face, causing me to stagger and almost fall, and then, thinking this was a nightmare or a hallucination, began slowly running my tiny, feminine hands with their long pink fingernails over the CLEARLY female body I somehoe had become trapped in.

“Careful there Ryan, it takes some practice to walk in stripper heels… but don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it since that’s what you wear from now on… and look at you! With that body and that sexy face you’ll be the most popular dancer here in no time flast!” She laughed, and, I was snapped out of my silent shock by the sharp pain from her grabbing both of nipples and tweaking them.

“What the fuck have you done to me you… you witch!” I screamed furious. Some kind of drugs or something, she’d slipped us it had to be! “I’ll fucking kill you for this!” I yelled, my high, female voice sounding so strange that I found my voice shaking as I spoke.

“Your so angry all the time… let’s see if I can help with that.” Roxie said, and clutched her fist,around the rabbit’s foot.

“I have an idea to make sure you get the most out this stripper experience, and learn to manage that temper. I wish that from now on, anytime Ryan get’s angry or loses her temper, has and outburst, is rude or yells at anyone, she will become turned on and aroused, the angrier she is, the louder the outburst, the hornier she will get, and she will have to masturbate as soon as possible to relieve the feeling. I also wish that Ryan will work here, stripping and can not tell anyone who she actually is, she will act the part of how she thinks a stripper should act, and will continue to live her new life until I decide she has learned her lesson.” She laughed, clearly amused with herself, as I felt a strange tingling sensation in my brain…

“There is NO FUCKING WAY IN HELL I’m going to strip here, or spend five more minutes as a chick. You are going to undo whatever the fuck this is NOW or I swear to fucking… oh… swear…” I was furious, screaming in her face, when suddenly it hit me. A strange feeling… waves of it. Suddenly my breathing became heavy, I felt the bizarre sensation of my nipples becoming erect, grabbing my tits I could feel them, easily five times the size they were before Roxie did this to me… and then, I felt a sensation between my legs… where I should have a cock.

“Ooooh! Temper temper babe!” Roxie said and slapped my ass hard enough that I yelped.

“Get your fucking hands off me you witch I’ll… oh my… fuck…” I staggered backwords as waves of lust filled my body, teetering in my high heels and falling back into a sofa as my eyes fluttered and I felt a throbbing between my legs.

“Whoa you little slut, watch your hands, you might wanna’ go somewhere private!” Roxie laughed, as I realized my hands had grabbed my breasts and were squeezing them. I struggled to pull them away. I needed privacy… I stood and stumbled as quickly as I could in these stupid heels to the bathroom and charged towards a stall.

“Hey there sexy!” A tall college age guy said, grabbing me as I slipped and almost fell, his strong arms easily catching my much smaller body, and I felt myself blush as I realized I’d ran into the mens room… and that a man was now holding me and smiling, calling me sexy, the humiliation turning to anger at what Roxie had done, at being dressed in strippers close at the Devil;s Den, and at a guy grabbing me and staring at me like a piece of meat. I shoved him away and glared, backing out of the bathroom.

“Keep your fucking hands…ooohhh goood!” four words into telling this moron to stay the fuck away from me it happened again, but this time even more intense than before. I was furious… and whatever Roxie had done to me was making my anger make this body horny. Incredibly horny. I could barely think.

“You ok there gorgeous?” The man said, helping me stand as a sexy whimper rang through the air that I suddenly realized was from me. I looked up at him, smiling down at me… and my face flushed. This fucking guy… I knew him, I’d seen him at this bar before… I just never realized how cute he was… and well built…

When I realized that my body was getting turned on… and I’d actually found myself attracted to… a fucking man, I was filled with rage. I was going to kill that fucking bitch Roxie! I realized that I was getting even more turned on, and tried somehow not think about what that fucking bitch had done… but it just made me even madder. The next thing I knew I couldn’t even think straight.

My body was on fire with lust. I’d never been this turned on in my life. I couldn’t think straight… and suddenly, I realized that I was kissing the college guy in the bathroom. Making out with a guy! His hands roamed my body as we hungrily kissed, big and strong squeezing my round ass and feeling up my boobs, and, even though my male mind tried to resist, I began grinding my hips against him….

Next thing I knew I’d somehow ended up in the parking lot, in the guys truck.. my anger and the sex drive of this body making it so all I could think about was getting off. Somewhere in the back of my mind I was screaming to stop as he pulled off my clothes… and I reached into his pants… but this body was out of control, and within minutes, he had layed me down in the back of the truck, pulled off my shorts…

I screamed out, my mind realizing what was happening, trying to tell him to stop, but instead just let out a scream like a porn star as he slid his huge, hard dick inside of me taking my virginity, pumping his hips as I moaned and cried out with pleasure, hearing my self even yelling at him as he fucked me.

“Oh yes… fuck me, make me cum all over your cock! Fuck my pussy!” I screamed, at the time so caught up in the need to orgasm I didn’t even realized what was happening, but I was playing the part of Ryan the 20 year old stripper, acting like I think a stripper would just as Roxie had wished… and I guess I talk dirty when I need to cum.

The orgasm… still humiliates me to think about even though it’s been almost three weeks ago, and I’ve gone through one humiliating ordeal after another… but remembering the intense, overpowering pleasure of release as I came, and realized that at the same time this jerk off was cumming as well, a fucking guy was cumming inside of me! Even worse, I’d gripped his strong shoulders, pushed my hips against him to get him as deep into my spasming pussy as possible, and begged for him to jam his big cock all the way in me and cum in my pussy.

I’ve now spent three weeks as Ryan the stripper. I’ve worked five shifts a week, I can’t stop from doing it because Roxie wished that I would. I struggle with my anger, and have learned som eways to calm down, but I still become enraged at my situation and what Roxie has done to me, trying to keep from blowing my top when I’m forced to walk around in a tiny, slutty clothes when ever I’m in public, every man I see staring at my ass and tits as I try to walk in stupid heels and keep my tits from bouncing out of my shirt, since I guess I decided strippers don’ wear bras. I also find myself walking and moving sexy all the time, no matter how I try to resist, and somehow am able to dance and strip better than any girls there… more of Roxie fucking with my life.

One relief was that I knew at least Jerry wouldn’t be in to see me like this, and as for the other guys that were at the party, I figured it was safe to assume that they were in no rush to come back after they gave each other lapdances and handjobs last time they were here, so I was hoping I could get through this without having to strip for any one I know…

Unfortunately, on my fourth night dancing, some of my buddies from my softball team came, and, of course, they all waited for me to rotate to the private show area, since I was easily the hottest girl working the club, and even though I’d already had to give embarrassing private dances several times already that week, it was torture to have to sit in my football buddies laps, grinding against them as they drooled over my perfect stripper body and I smiled and breathed against their necks, rubbing my tits against them… I tried to think about something else, pretend it wasn’t happening and just hope the songs ended quickly, and it actually worked, my anger staying in check when finally the third song ended and I stood, blocking the fact that I’d just given three of my good male friends lapdances and pleased that I’d avoided getting pissed and having to find a place to get myself off yet again. I stood and thanked them and picked up all my dollars…

That’s when Stan, the pitcher from the team, who I’d known since college and cruised for babes with countless times before, suddenly asked for one more dance and stuffed three hundred dollar bills into the waist band of my g string. Fuck… I knew what giving a girl at the Devil’s Den three hundred was for.

He leered at my body, clearly on display in the tiny school girl outfit I wore, the plaid skirt not even covering all of my big, round ass, and the top showing off the almost all of my high, perfect, C cup tits..

“I appreaciate it but I don’t do those kind of dances.” I said and went to hand back his money…

Well at least that’s what I tried to say… what came out of my dumb stripper mouth was…

“Hey handsome… this’ll get you one of my special dances!”, and then grabbed his cock through his jeans, and pulled him into the dark private dance room.

I guess I knew what I thought a stripper would do for three hundred here… and as the song started I felt myself getting angry. At Tom for making me do this, at Roxie, at this stupid club… before I realized it I was pissed, and, as I lowered my big, sexy round ass into Tom’s lap and began to grind it against the huge feeling erection that pressed out of his pants, I felt the waves of lust start…

For three hundred dollars I actually let not just a fucking dude, but a guy I’ve been good friends with for years, play with my tits and ass… and, telling myself that three hundred is just a hand job, the anger at the thought of me actually doing that to him rising, this sex freak stripper body got hornier and hornier… and next thing I knew, I was having an incredible orgasm as I fingered myself with one hand, my plaid school girl skirt hiked up around my waist, and knelt between Tom’s legs, my hand around the base of his huge cock, and, to my horror, my mouth wrapped around the top, his entire, gigantic cock covered in my saliva from the expert blow job I’d just given him, that I finally ended as I began to cum, letting him out of my mouth with a wet pop as I cried out in pleasure, the intense orgasm actually becoming stronger when Tom grabbed his dick and sprayed his cum all over my naked tits and face… I let a man do that to me… and it turned me on and made me cum even harder.

It’s been almost three and half weeks. Roxie has shown up a couple times at my place and the strip club, and basically tormented and teased me… and this week invited me over for dinner with her and Jerry.

It had been almost a month of this living nightmare, and I hoped to all hopes that tonight, Roxie would finally give me my body and life back… I planned to be as nice and ass kissing as I could, not lose my cool… I groaned and was able to keep from getting pissed when I found myself dressing up in a tiny belly shirt, a low cut pair of shorts that showed the g string I wore under it, and pink five inch heels, and I could feel Jerry checking out my body when I walked into the door of their home earlier tonight.

She started by introducing me and sayin she met me at a sex toy party at her friend Cindy’s house, and then asked me if I liked those huge vibrators I’d ordered, mouthing to me out of Jerry’s eyeshot that I should answer yes….

“Yes…” I said, blushing as Jerry grinned and looked at the barely dressed stripper sitting in their living room talking about her vibrators.

At dinner, which Roxie, after sending Jerry upstairs, had me cook and set the table while she watched, threatening to make me wear a french maid costume for the rest of the night if I complained, then, at dinner, once Jerry joined us, she began forcing me to cheerfully answer her questions and tell stories about my last few weeks, and I found myself unable to resist telling her the truth and going into every embarrassing detail, from giving handjobs in the VIP room, to getting hit on at the grocery store and the gas station so many times that I lost my temper and had to go masturbate in the bathrooms at both places, how I had give my softball team mate a blow job, she even got me to admit that I had thought about fucking and sucking cock when I would masturbate… I couldn’t stop, even having to admit that it felt amazing when guys would cum inside of me and make me orgasm.

I could feel anger starting to grow and make me horny, and, even worse, talking about all the sexual experiences I’d been forced into with my female body was turning me on as well…. all in front of my best friend Jerry, who probably couldn’t believe the conversation that Roxie and I were having, but was staring at me with that same look every guy gave me, like he wanted to jump my bones.

I tried to control my breathing, to keep calm, but Roxie just kept teasing and humiliating me. Then,
when I finally was able to ask if it was time that she would change me back, since it had been almost a month, she just laughed and said not yet, she’d let me know.

She then announced that she did have something to make things easier on me though, and, after making several jokes about what a slut I am, knowing that she was making me angry, and what that makes happen, she then pulled out the rabbit’s foot and commanded Jerry to go do the dishes while we talked alone, causing me to gasp with terror.

“No… please! Nothing more… can’t you just change me back?” I pleaded, horrified at what she might do to me next.

“Shhhh my little boy crazy bimbo.” She said as she stood and stared at me. “I’m just gonna’ help you with your stripping…”

She started wishing, and terror and anger filled me as I heard her wishes and felt them affect me… her claims of “helping” my look including giving me a big tattoo of the playboy bunny on my left ass cheek, a slutty tramp stamp made up of flowers and dolphins and Japanese characters (that, according to Roxie, say that I love to suck cock), mudflap girls and slot machine cherrys on my wrists and angkles… my skin stung as she rattled off the ridiculous tattoos and they began appearing on me… then, sharp pinches and stings as I found barbell and hoop piercings appearing all around my ears, my nose, my tongue… my nipples, even my fucking clit!

I begged her to stop, but she just laughed and told me I was a jerk of man for way too long, and this is what I get. Then, she told me that she had one more stripper gift for me, and announced that I had an appointment this wed, and handed me a brochure.

That was a half hour ago. I’ve been in Jerry’s shop in the garage for the last 30 minutes frantically masturbating, but the anger hasn’t gone away yet, and my body is still horny… I’m working my clit and trying not to moan like a whore as I work my way to a third orgasm… hopefully then my hate and anger for Roxie will subside, but, know that she set up an appointment for me to go to the plastic surgeon this week is too much.

“I know I could just wish that you had naturally bigger tits, or implants, but I think it will be a good experience for you to go through the actual procedure, like the other girls you work with… and don’t worry, this place is one of the best in the state, I had to make sure because with you’re small frame the doctor really needs to be good to get those big E cup fake tits just right…” She grinned ear to ear as my eyes widened with shock. I began to stammer and plead for her to not do this, but she just laughed, and said that I’ll be thanking her once I see’s how much sexier guys will think I am with big, round, giant tits twice the size of my head jiggling in front of my like blimps everywhere I go.

That was too much… I lost it, anger flowing out, I started screaming at her, calling her a bitch and a monster, as tears of rage streamed down my face… and, the familiar stirrings of my stupid stripper libido kicking in, which made me even angrier.

Roxie just smiled, dangled the rabbits foot and said that she wished I would go clean the kitchen and do the dishes before anything else.

The half hour of cleaning was torture, I was so angry I wanted to kill that bitch, so of course my body was just getting hornier and hornier, and I couldn’t stop feeling myself up and rubbing my pussy through my clothes while I did the dishes, just getting madder and madder… I can’t get fucking implants! E cups? Just the C cups I have now drive me insane, especially since I rarely can get myself to even wear a fucking bra…

I finally finished and practically ran to the shop in the garage, hoping it was far enough away that Jerry and Roxie wouldn’t hear me if I started moaning like a hooker, which sometimes I couldn’t seem to stop… I pulled my skirt off, leaned back in the chair and began frigging myself, anger and lust still rising, my body shaking with lust, my brain forcing images into my mind, and for every hot girl I work with that I would try to picture, my stripper brain and body would move them aside with two images of big strong guys… and cocks… and imagine them fucking me.

As my first orgasm peaked, I suddenly imagined Jerry, my best friend, laying beneath me, as I ride his cock, huge E cup fake tits bouncing up and down, pierced nipples shining in the light… and the idea makes me cum even harder. I don’t think I can last as myself in this body much longer… before I actually become the stripper that Roxie is forcing me to pretend to be, and the male part of me slips away behind a sea of orgasms.


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