Hey roomie, how are you doing today?
As you certainly know, I’ve had a very interesting, life-changing day.

See, I woke up this morning, and BAM! I was a cute asian bombshell, as the ones you look up on your Instagram. By the way, you really need a stronger password on your laptop.
Anyway, where was I… oh yes, me becoming your living, breathing wet dream.
Once I realized it was you behind all this -oh, don’t give me that face, I’m sure it was… yeah, there you go, a guilty smile at last- anyway, at first I was furious, so I thought I’d wait for you and confront you. Of course I wanted to go to the police, but who’d have believed me?

As livid as I was, though, I couldn’t deny my curiosity. I even indulged in it, rather. At least half a dozen time. Then I spent the rest of the day just fascinated at my own appearance. I realized I am STUNNING! You see, I just did something basic to my hair, a little makeup, short shorts and a bikini top, and I have left you there petrified by the door like an idot.

So, I hope you’re happy. I don’t care if you have a way of reversing it. I don’t care if my acceptance of this is part of the spell or whatever you used to change me. This is the new me, now, and I want to enjoy it as much as possible.

Well then, while I decide how to live my life from now on, why don’t we enjoy ourselves n the meantime? I’m sure we can come up with something between the two of us…


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