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My Girlfriend is a Kinky Witch!

“We need to talk, be at your place in 30”, that was the last message I received from my girlfriend of 3 years about half an hour ago. I was nervous, I loved her deeply and was hoping we would get married someday but here I am with sweaty palms worried about a potential breakup. I know she had been saying that she wants to get kinkier in the sack but I didn’t think it had come to “we need to talk”. Suddenly, I hear knocking at the door, it must be her, time to face any potential music and I go to open the door. Read more

Challenge (@awruk88)

The challenge was simple. Martin and Joe had to walk a set distance. It was a substantial distance but it was just walking. However, there was a catch, they had to wear heels. Being two confident males they confidently took the challenge.
They arrived early in the morning ready for their challenge. Two pairs of red heels were there they each slipped them on. Then tingling ran up their hodies. They were changing. Body hair was abolished, breasts grew, dicks disappeared and they became female. Even their clothing changed. Martin became a leggy blonde in polka dot shorts while Joe became a brunette in a floral skirt. They initially panicked and were set on changing back however they came to the conclusion that to change back that would have to complete the walk.
Forward they marched. The first few steps were shaky but they soon were both striding forth like the women they were. Each were noticing their bodies. They both were well aware of the long hair tickling their neck and shoulders and occasionally shielding their vision. At the beginning of the walk they both mutually were aroused by the wobbling of their breasts but it soon became an annoying hinderance.
Soon they had covered quite the distance and fatigue was setting in. Sweat was cooly running down their shaved armpits which were once a hairy forest. They came to the conclusion that the rear-ends of females were very different. They were so soft. They bounced and jiggled with each step they took forward. Not to mention what lies between their legs. Nothing. There’s nothing there. The abscence of their familiar male genetalia was disturbing. Almost sickening but it was comfortable.
Finally, the two high heeled females had reached the destination. They’d completed the challenge triumphantly. Yet no one was there. It didn’t look like they were changing back. They searched and searched. They waited and waited but no one came. They accepted the fact that they’d have to just be women. Mia and Jess went back to their apartments to dive into their feminity.


Hey roomie, how are you doing today?
As you certainly know, I’ve had a very interesting, life-changing day. Read more

So Much Fun!!!

Jerome was never too comfortable in his own skin. When he was given the chance to temporarily experience life as a woman via a unknown corporation. He decided he may as well give it a try.
Becoming a woman is tricky you suddenly have to care for your clothes, hair and make up. Don’t forget the fact your body is shaped differently as well. With a series of treatments from the unknown corporation. Jerome became Jenna.
Jenna simply embraced her form. She loved attracting stares from all the men and even a few women and wearing all kinds of clothes. She just thought it was so much fun!!!
Jenna doesn’t intend on her change being temporary.

Sorority Revenge (PT 4)

Everyone at FAP thought that it was a bit weird that this hot blonde Harriet seemed to love hanging around our frat house, and usually spent much of the time walking around in Lingerie- but none of us wanted to complain. It seemed like she was flirting and fucking many of the guys in the house, sometimes with her friend Regina. They often seemed to spend the night in Roger’s room, that lucky dog. Read more