A whole new world

I had to admit this was quite unprecedented. Throughout all my years as a body hopper, I’ve never had a host die while I was possessing them. Ever since I first discovered my powers, I’ve been very careful going about using them. After my first body hop (a jock named Cameron who was giving my original body a beating), I found that I could exist in a metaphysical state, floating about unnoticed by the people around me. I found I couldn’t exist in that state forever though as I’d start to feel myself fade into darkness after about a day and would have to find a new host. After my first hop, I knew I had to choose my next host carefully, as i could only perform a hop once every ten years. Luckily I would retain all the memories from my previous hosts as well as gain all memories and skills of my new host. I also found that the hosts i’d leave would continue the lives I led as them, retaining any changes in personality and lifestyle I’d imposed upon them. My latest host was a man name Terrence Stackhouse, who I found lived a rather decadent lifestyle. He was a bit older than the potential hosts i usually considered, but he already had a life of luxury, and I had just spent the last twenty years touring the world as a concert pianist and was ready for some relaxation. It was just my second month in Terry’s body, and I was enjoying a weekend away at one of his, or my, many country houses. I had just received an amazing blow job from my lovely trophy wife before she headed out into town to go shopping. I lied down to take a nap and just as I was about to fall asleep I felt a sharp pain in my chest. I rolled over onto the floor and the next thing i knew, I was in my metaphysical form looking down at my host’s dead body. I immediately knew I was in trouble as I felt myself fading more than I’d ever felt before. Panicking, I remembered that Terry’s teenage daughter was upstairs in her room. I quickly possessed her, not wanting to find out what happens when I completely fade away.
I immediately felt the new sensations of my new body and how foreign it all felt. I couldn’t help but laugh a bit to myself. throughout all these years and all these hops, I’ve never even once considered hopping into a girl. After living through multiple lifetimes, here was something that was completely new. The sensation of having breasts and wearing a bra, the feeling of wearing panties. I looked down and started admiring my new body. Taking a peak in my pants, I wondered what female orgasm would feel like. I actually felt giddy, after nearly two hundred years, I finally found a whole new world to explore.


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