Reconnecting with Family

I woke up with excitement, I had been looking forward to this day for weeks, my cousin Matt was coming to visit. I hadn’t seen Matt for a few years, we’re the same age and we were close as kids but when his dad got a new job and he moved to a different state we lost touch. The other day though he shot me an email saying he would be back in town to look at some colleges and wanted to hang out and catch up. I was really excited I had stories to tell and couldn’t wait to catch up with him. He gave me his number and said he’d call when he was at my house.

Of course once I answered the door it all that went away, there was a girl there, long blonde hair, two big breasts nearly popping out of her shirt and a cute face. I was stunned when she hugged me and said she was Matt. He had neglected to tell me he had been diagnosed with Second Puberty two years ago and was Maddie now. Things were really awkward, he was this girl, but when I knew here we were just twerpy boys who would play in the dirt and even take baths together but now…Matt was really hot.

He was flirty too, not holding back about telling me about his sexual encounters with the guys at his school, apparently he was very happy as a girl. I was accepting, I mean we’re family, but one line made me questions even that.

“Hmm.” she looked at me after dinner “Seems I’m not the only one Puberty was good to.”


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