Here you go!

Jamal had been dating Samantha for 3 months in college. Jamal was the usual athletic black guy at the gym who messed around a lot with women. Everyone knew he was well endowed in the junk section and he never disclaimed it. He met Sam at the tutoring center as he needed help with his math classes. They took off after the session and talked all through the day. They started dating and seeing more of each other but Samantha would never let him get into her pants. Samantha was hot no doubt and liked to dress in a goth fashion. Jamal didn’t really care as he treated her like another conquest.

Jamal had brought Samantha out for dinner and they even had some drinks as he tried to get Samantha drunk. He eventually spiked her drink and brought her up to his apartment so that he could finally have his way with her. As he was walking into his room, he suddenly heard murmurings of a different ancient language and next thing he realized, he was being carried on someone’s shoulders. Looking down, he found himself in Samantha’s body. His new soft hair covered his face and he felt dizzy from the alcohol. He heard his deep voice suddenly say, ” You’ve had your way with way too many women and the last straw was when you broke your last conquest, Lizzy, my best friends heart.” From now on, you’ll never be bedding women again. Samantha forcefully removed all Jamal’s clothes and she pulled her shorts revealing her new thick black shaft. She pushed Jamal down with her new strength and started penetrating him dry into his new folds, making sure he experienced the pain and pleasure. When Samantha finally was about to come, he dumped a bucket load of cum onto Jamal’s new lithe back put on his shirts and walked out.


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